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(The number after the date is the Mattel stock number.)


1964 #1905 Ballet Class - missing floral headband with pink ribbons and paper program.  Includes very good condition black tights, black bodysuit, pink lame and tulle ballet tutu, pale pink satin bag and white ballet slippers with string laces.  Very cute! $25.00
1964 #1905 Ballet Class - black tights only, excellet condition. $4.00
1964 #1905 Ballet Class - single white ballet slipper with tie, very good condition $2.00
1964 #1906 Dress Coat - missing short white gloves only.  Very good condition red velvet coat, hat, purse with gold strap and white flat shoes. Played with but only gently.  Nice and bright and clean. $35.00
1964 #1906 Dress Coat - excellent condition red velvet coat only with 3 "gold" buttons down the front. Missing matching red velvet hat and purse, short white gloves, white socks and white flat shoes. This coat matches Barbie's "Red Flare" coat. $9.00
1964 #1904 Flower Girl - missing short white gloves, white socks, white flat shoes, bouquet and yellow flower ribbon headband.  Dress is in played with condition but still very good.  One small dirt mark on lace at back.  I have not tried to clean, so it might come out easily. $9.00
1964 #1904 Flower Girl - dress only. Missing short white gloves, white socks, white flat shoes, bouquet and yellow flower ribbon headband.  The dress is in played with condition and there are a few pink marks on the ribbon. $7.00
1964 #1907 School Days - missing 1 black flat and yarn bowl.  White blouse is a little bit dingy from time and could use a brightening, but it's not too bad.  No missing buttons from either the blouse or sweater.  One small hole in left front knit of sweater.  Otherwise clean and neat.  Played with condition but still very good. $30.00
1964 #1907 School Days - missing short-sleeved white blouse, pink knee socks, black flats and bowl of yarn. Includes pink knit cardigan and pink pleated skirt.  There are 2 holes in the knit cardigan.  All 4 "buttons" are still there.  Played with condition but still fine for display.  It matches Barbie's "Knitting Pretty" pink version. $17.00
1964 #1908 Skating Fun - red "velvet" skating skirt with red calico lining and suspenders and white furry bonnet with red calico lining and ties only. It has the "Skipper" tag but it is no longer attached.  Good condition, although played with. $5.00

1965 #1911 Day At The Fair - missing "Barbie" print body blouse, miniature Barbie doll and red self-belt from skirt.  Small split in the top of one of the red flats.  The skirt is nice and clean and bright.  The "Barbie" print bandana is clean.  Played with but still in good condition. $22.00
1965 #1920 Fun Time - blue, green and brown plaid short-sleeved button up shirt only.  Both green buttons are intact.  Very good condition. $3.50
1965 #1917 Land & Sea - missing hard to find red sunglasses and red drawstring from bottom of jacket only.  Includes very good condition denim with red stitching clam diggers, nautical jacket with collar and two front pockets, matching denim hat, white and red horizontal striped tee shirt and white flat shoes.  Barely played with and it shows.  Very cute and harder to find. $45.00 
1965 #1915 Outdoor Casuals -missing short white gloves and red yo-yo only. The blue dickey has a spot on the back.  I have not tried to clean it, so it might wash out.  Otherwise outfit is in very good condition.  Played with.  The sweater has no holes and looks great! $25.00
1965 #1915 Outdoor Casuals - good condition bright blue pants, blue dickey (missing button) and blue knit sweater only. Missing white flats, short white gloves and red yo-yo. The sweater has a hole on the rolled cowl on the right shoulder and the cuff of the left sleeve is starting to fray a bit.  It's in played with condition but still fine for display. $17.00
1965 #1921 School Girl - missing pleated red and white skirt, red felt hat, white socks, red flats, apple, black glasses, 3 books, 2 pencils and black book strap.  Includes red jacket (missing both "gold" buttons) and white sleeveless blouse with red stitching and 2 red buttons at the collar.   There are two dirt marks on the bottom of the blouse.  I have not tried to clean it, so they might come out.  They would not show if tucked into the skirt.  Played with condition.  $9.00
1965 #1922 Town Togs - green felt jumper only. Zipper has been repaired in the back with green stitching.  Played with condition. No holes or stains.  Both "gold" buttons are still intact. Cute!  $5.00
1965 Pak - Hats 'n Hats - complete and near mint.   This set includes the "Dress Coat" outfit red "velvet" hat, the "Red Sensation" outfit white straw hat with pink ribbon, a pale pink with lace brim party hat that coordinated with Skipper's "Party Pink" outfit and lastly a navy sailing hat with white stitching.  All in excellent condition and barely played with.  $24.00

1966 #1926 Chill Chasers - missing white socks, red flats and red felt tam hat.  Includes very good condition white "fur" jacket with red lining and 4 front buttons.  The only unusual thing is that the buttons are white, not red.  I bought this from the original owner and she swears it came that way, with 4 white buttons.  They do look like they were put on at the factory.  Barely played with. $12.00
1966 #1928 Rainy Day Checkers - missing black flats, 1 red high sock, checkerboard and checkers.  Played with condition.  White lace collar and cuffs on dress are a bit dingy and could use a brightening.  No missing buttons from red felt vest. Harder to find. $30.00 

1968 #1957 Baby Dolls - missing pink panties, pink felt slippers, plastic brush and comb. Includes very good condition pink nylon shortie pajamas and hot pink fuzzy scale.  The pink bow is included but has come off the front of the pajamas. $15.00
1968 #1962 Quick Change - missing blue zippered tunic and one gold button from sweater. Include pink, orange, and blue knit sweater, orange and blue pleated skirt, pink knit socks, and pink short booties. One of the three buttons on the sweater is loose, but still attached. One sock is missing its orange tassle. One sock has a small black mark near the foot. Played with condition but still very good. Harder to find. $20.00

1969 #1968 Hopscotchins - missing one blue flat shoe and pink and yellow belt.  Includes good condition blue, green, pink and yellow vertical striped blouse with three "gold" buttons. green Bermuda shorts with yellow vinyl belt looks (one loop has come unattached on bottom and the button fastener at the back of the shorts is missing) and one blue flat shoe.  Played with condition but still very good for display. $18.00

1970 #1749 Lemon Fluff - missing yellow pajama top and bottoms and yellow fuzzy slippers.  Includes yellow fuzzy robe with satin trim, which is missing it's daisy belt.  Played with condition.  There is a reddish dirt spot on the right edge of the trim in front.  I have not tried to wash this.  $6.00
1970 Pak - Nighty Night - aqua blue with white polka dotted pajama top only.  Missing matching shorts, yellow slippers, blue princess phone and mirror. Played with condition but still good.  Could use a brightening maybe.  $4.00

1971 #3477 Dressed in Velvet - missing sheer pink stockings only. Includes pink "velvet" jacket with white fur edged hood, matching and dress with sleeveless white top and pink "velvet" ruffled shirt.  Played with condition. Some pale pink marks on lower part of white top on dress and on bright green ribbon bow at the waist.  Snap at collar of coat needs to be reattached on one side. Hard to find. $22.00 ON HOLD
1971 #3475 Goin' Sleddin' - missing plastic sled. Includes yellow fuzzy hooded zipper jacket with pink satin trim, pink pants, yellow with pink flowers sleeveless top, and pink winter boots. A few loose bits of pink satin trim on the jacket near the bottom of the zipper. Good condition. $20.00
1971 #3467 Teeter Timers - missing yellow sleeveless top, yellow shoes and yellow plastic teeter-totter.  Hot pink floral pants only.  Played with but still quite good condition.  Harder to find. $8.00

1976 #9513 Growin' Up Skipper Fashions - "Ice Cream & Soda" - yellow sleeveless smock halter top top stitched in green only.  Played with condition, some of the stitching is coming out. Dirt mark on upper right side of the chest area, but I have not tried to wash it. $0.50



1966 #3601 Puddle Jumpers - missing all buttons off raincoat and one white boot. Includes blue rain hat, jacket, and one boot.  Played with condition but still good. $9.00
1968 #3614 Sea-Shore Shorties - missing white shoes, yellow and blue ball, and plastic sailboat. Includes yellowish-green with blue flowers bikini top and bottom and matching sundress. A bit of staining to the lace trim, which I have not tried to clean, so it might come out with a wash. The bikini top need a new elastic across the back. Played with condition but still quite good. Harder to find. $12.00
1977 #8128 Tutti doll original outfit (Europe and Canada) - yellow sleeveless dress with white yoke and white lace trim on the yoke and hem.  Missing white panties, socks and yellow shoes. Very good condition dress.  Harder to find. $10.00
1975 #7967 Rain Coat (Regenmantel in German) (Europe and Canada) - missing red nylon hat, red rain boots, and red nylon book bag with yellow handle. Includes very good condition yellow nylon raincoat with red collar only. Hard to find. $8.00


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