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Mattel Liddle Kiddles:

1966-67 #3501 Bunsen Burnie - missing yellow raincoat, black shoes, firetruck, brush, and comb. Includes tan pants which could use a wash, and good condition red plastic fire helmet, missing the sticker from the front. Burnie is 3" tall with red hair and blue eyes. His hair is uncut. There is green discolouration at his neck and a bit on the arms from the wires inside. Sadly, this discoloration on Kiddles is fairly common. Harder to find, especially with his hat. $6.00

1967 Tracy Trikediddle
- blue plastic wagon with pink wheels only. Harder to find. $5.00 


1967 Lucky Locket Kiddles:

#3539 Larky Locket
- missing her locket case. She is in played with condition but still very good. Larky has her original outfit, although her pink neck ribbon has come undone. Her white painted on shoes are still on the bottoms of her feet and toes. Her hair has not been cut and her facial paint seems great. Her body is also in very good condition. She's a cutie! $12.00


#3540 Lilac Locket - missing her locket case. She is in played with condition but still quite good. She has her original lilac headband with yellow flowers and her original dress with attached yellow flower. No lilac paint left on her feet (which is common).  Her hair has  not been cut.  Her facial paint is very good and doesn't appear to be damaged.  There is a small split on the top of her right lower leg, but it doesn't go right through.  You can see it open if you bend the leg. Ask me for a larger photo to see her better. She's quite cute!  $6.00


1968-1970 Suki Skediddle - missing plastic "walker", pink ribbon from hair, pink bow from center about lace hem of dress, and blue plastic shoes.  Includes very good condtiion Suki doll with original side ponytail hair style with original elasic. Her hair is a golden blonde. None cut and very cute. Her facial paint is perfect with no rubs and rosy cheeks. Her painted white s ocks are also in good condition. She is wearing her cute blue dress with white lace trim and matching blue shorts. This Kiddle is totally adorable, and harder to find. $20.00

1968-1970 Kiddle Colognes

#3705 Sweet Pea - includes clear pale pink plastic bottle with yellow plastic cap and base. No tag on bottle top. This barely-played-with doll has has soft bubble-gum pink long hair. None cut. Her facial paint looks perfect. Sweet Pea is wearing her origianl pink flower bonnet and pink with white lace dress. Nothing missing. Pink painted shoes on feet has a few minor rubs. Near mint condition. Ask for a larger photo to see her better. $24.00


#3706 Lily of the Valley - missing clear pale blue plastic bottle with bright reddish-pink plastic cap and base. She is also missing her headband with plastic lilies. Very good condition doll with long pale platinum blonde hair and bangs, original white mesh with white lace trim dress, pale pink shorts, and painted on shoes. Lily's facial paint is cute and unrubbed. No hair cut, no splits. $14.00


#3707 Apple Blossom - includes clear pale green plastic bottle with bright orange plastic cap and base. No tag on bottle top. This barely-played-with doll has bright green hair with pink flowers in it. Her hair is perfect, neat, and uncut. Apple Blossom's original facial paint is very cute and unrubbed. Her outfit is complete including her unrubbed pink painted-on shoes. Mint condition. As for a larger photo to see her better. $25.00

1969-1970 Kiddles and Kars

1969 Henrietta Horseless Carriage - missing hot pink hat with black ribbon tie, and plastic car.  Includes very good condition doll wearing her hot pink long travel coat with 3 black buttons and attached black skirt. She also has her black shorts underneath and black painted on shoes, although some of the black paint has rubbed off the top of her feet as is common. Her hair is still in its original updo. None cut. Facial paint is perfect. No marks or stains. Very good condition doll and hard to find. $20.00

1969 Sweet Treat Kiddles:

#3653 Frosty Mint Kone - missing bottom part "cone" from the plastic ice cream cone case.  The bright green plastic with clear plastic backing top part of the cone, the "ice cream", case is in great condition, as is the green plastic "apple" on top.  Frosty is also in great shape with her original outfit, headband and really cute sausage-curl pigtails. The elastics have been replaced at the top of each pigtail as the original ones were gone.  Her painted on "shoes" are no longer there, which is common.  Ask for a larger photo to see her better. Played with condition.  She's adorable!  $16.00

#3656 Lolli-Grape - missing lollipop case. The doll is in played with but still quite good condition.  She has her original hot pink, grape purple and gold trim outfit, hot pink headband with bows on each end and most of her purple painted "shoes" remain.  The paint is missing at the top and ends of the toes at the front of each foot.   Here hair has a few fly away strands at the front, but it's  not too bad. Ask for a larger photo to see her better. $14.00



1978 Marx Sindy (very good)  She has her good condition original floral dress with lace collar and one white chunky heeled shoe.  Missing the other white shoe.  She has pretty curly blonde shoulder length hair. No hair is cut or missing.  She has rooted eyelashes.  On the back of her head below her hair it is marked "2 GEN 1077" in a box, and 033055x underneath.  Her body is in good condition.  There are a few "melt marks" on the plastic edges of her body at the hips where it meets the softer vinyl of the leg joint. It's not too bad though.  Her knees both bend and hold a pose.  She has jointed wrists.  No missing fingers or toes. She has been played with, but not abused.  A bit of surface dirt  on her legs and arms that would come off with a quick cleaning.  She's a cutie!  $24.00 


1968 Skating Girl - missing navy, red and white zigzag striped sweater and matching cap, white mitts and one white skate. Includes good condition navy, red and white zigzag striped scarf with pom-poms on each end (there are a few places where the red threads have bled into the white and made pinkish marks), red felt skating skirt, red tights and one white plastic skate.  Some wear to the silver paint on the skate "blade". Played with condition,. $13.00 

1970 Duffle Coat - missing the bottom 2 tan plastic toggles from the front, but the string cord between is still there.. Otherwise it's in great shape! Played with but only gently.  This is a really fabulous brown felt hooded coat with two front U-shaped pockets.  The sleeves have top-stitching above the cuffs. It's right back in style again! $11.00 


1971 Casual Cords - includes bright blue corduroy pants and white flat shoes.  A small piece of plastic is missing from the top edge of one white shoe.  The shoes are also a bit dingy, so could use a cleaning. An inside seam at the back top edge of the blue cords has come undone, so a quick repair there is needed.  $8.00 


1960's Ideal Tammy, Pepper and other Ideal friends:


One single white, pointed-toe Tammy/Misty low heel shoe with molded bow at front. $1.00

Barbie Doll-sized Miniatures:

Food Processor (NRFP) - "Mini Wind-Up Waring Home Appliance" made by Imperial Toy Corporation. Also comes with miniature blue mixing bowl, carrot and a potato. White plastic with clear plastic attached bowl on top and blue plastic cap for input funnel. The packaging says "With Long Running Wind-Up Motor". Made in China. $6.00 

Film Projector
(MIB) - "Die-Cast Miniature" and it has a pencil sharpener in the back if you look behind it. Made in Hong Kong. Packaging printed in German. Gold-toned metal with black plastic "reels". $4.00 

Desk Swivel Antique Fan (MIP) - "Die-Cast Miniature" and it has a pencil sharpener in the back if you look behind it. Made in Hong Kong. "Antique Finished" metal with fan with cage around it.  About 3 inches high.  $4.50  

Desk Lamp (MIP) - Made by Fantasy Decor. Gold-toned metal hinged desk lamp. Hinge does not actually work as it is fused, but angle of the lamp can still be changed by gently bending the metal arm. No "light-bulb" inside the metal shade part. Made in Taiwan. $4.50 

Pedestal Table-Top Mirror (MIP) - Made by Fantasy Decor. Gold-toned metal.  Oval mirror does actually swivel back and forth in it's frame.  It's very cute!  Made in Taiwan. $4.50 

Gym Bag - Red with white trim, white bottom and white handles. Shape of bag is like a half circle with flat part on bottom. "Leather"-look fabric. Red zipper closure across top. Some chipping to the red paint on the zipper pull. Style is like late 70's - early 80's Adidas style. Played with but still in great shape. $2.00 

Speckled Eggs (MIP) - Great for a kitchen display. Miniature Barbie-sized dozen eggs! Cream colored plastic with tiny brown speckles on them. No egg carton, just loose inside the plastic. From Designland Miniatures. Made in China. These are SO cute! $4.50 

Domed Antique Desk Clock (MIP) - Glass domed, gold-tone metal antique looking clock.  About 2 inches tall.   Pretty realistic looking! $4.50 

Six-Pack of 7-Up - Green plastic bottle holder with handle (that goes up the middle between each row of 3 bottles) and green decals on all 4 sides indicating 7-Up logo. 6 green plastic "pop bottles" inside. Has been played with a bit but still in great shape would would look cool on display with Barbie-sized dolls. From the 1970's or early 1980's.  $2.50 

Bicycle (very good+++) Made by Tomy. Bright lime green plastic bicycle with white handlebars, seat, pedals and training wheels. Tires look realistic with black tires and silver "spokes". Yellow basket on the back with flower sticker decal on the sides. There is a place inside the basket to put a battery, so I guess this is a battery-operated bike that really goes! There's an On/Off switch behind the basket too. The right size for the Sunshine Family anyway or a small Barbie family doll such as Skipper. Very cute! $10.00 


Wade Red Rose Tea figurines (1970's):

Humpty Dumpty - Very good condition. Marked "WADE ENGLAND" on back. Ask me for a larger photo to see it better. $4.00

Humpty Dumpty - small chip on bottom front right corner of "wall". Marked "WADE ENGLAND" on back. Ask me for a large photo to see it clearly. $2.00

Little Boy Blue - Very good condition.  Marked "WADE ENGLAND" on back. Ask me for a larger photo to see it better.  I have two of these. $4.00 each

Little Miss Muffet - Very good condition.  Marked "WADE ENGLAND" on back. Ask me for a larger photo to see it better. $4.00

Little Red Riding Hood - Very good condition.  Marked "WADE ENGLAND" on back. Ask me for a larger photo to see it better. $4.00

Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe - Very good condition.  Marked "WADE ENGLAND" on back. Ask me for a larger photo to see it better. $4.00

McDonalds® Happy Meal® Barbies:

1994 Ronald McDonald® Presents ALL-TIME FAVOURITES Happy Meal® - Special Guest Barbie® Miniature Vehicle. #2 in series. This is a blonde plastic Barbie (plastic hair as well) wearing a pink ballerina outfit, in a ballerina pose with one hand on head and one on waist and she is on a pale purple round base with Barbie in white plastic raised letters at the front. The base is like a 'car' in that it has wheels and she spins as it moves. $3.50 

1994 McDonalds Happy Meal Starring Barbie and Friends. #3 Camp Barbie Figurine with blonde rooted hair. $3.50 

1994 McDonalds Happy Meal Starring Barbie and Friends. #4 Camp Teresa Figurine with brunette rooted hair with a side ponytail. $3.50 


Other Stuff:

1996 Todd MacFarlane's Spawn - Malebolgia figure (NRFP). Harder to find. Olive colored "skin" with purplish highlight detailing. Very very good condition. The package is marked Todd Toys. Packaging shows a bit of wear from being packed away but it's very minor. The comic shop owner told me that these were hard to find because with every Spawn figure shipment that they got that year, there was only one of Malebolgia per box. What a gruesome looking monster!!!! $50.00 



For payment information please click on "contact" below.  Shipping is extra, about $10-$12 within North America for a loose doll and about $3.00 an outfit or small item.  Obviously buying more than one item will save on shipping costs, though.  Any questions, just let me know! Layaways/payment plans may be considered.

REFERENCES AVAILABLE on under ID *alldolledup*  or upon e-mailed request.

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