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NRFB - never removed from box
MIB - mint in box
HTF - hard to find
EX - excellent condition
VG - played with but still in very good condition
good - played with but still OK - a few flaws
poor - well loved & some major flaws
comp - complete (includes all accessories)
NRFP - never removed from package
s/s - swimsuit
TNT - Twist N Turn
PT - ponytail
BC - Bubble Cut
FH - flocked hair
SL - straight legs
BL - bendable legs

Note: These dolls are being sold AS IS, so please ask any questions you have before purchasing. No returns on Bargain Basement items please. Thank you! Jpeg images can be taken of most dolls, even if there isn't one on the site right now.

1964 blonde SL Skipper (fair-good) She has her original red and white swimsuit but is missing her red shoes and brass headband.   Her swimsuit has some unattached at one seam between the red and white striped bit and the red left torso side.  So it will need a quick repair just along that seam.   She has had her soft, light blonde hair cut to a bob that sits just between her chin and her shoulders. The bangs have not been cut.  Whoever did the haircut did a fairly good job, as the bob looks quite cute on her.   She has no earring holes (as she should), no green or gray marks or stains, no neck splits. Her straight-leg body is in very good condition and quite clean.   She will make a very cute display doll.   $25.00

1965 platinum blonde American Girl Barbie BL (good) This pretty doll needs some TLC. No original swimsuit or shoes, although she will come redressed in a non-Mattel 1960's mint green dress and bolero jacket. There is a large neck split at the back centre of her head. It doesn't show from the front, and I have not tried to repair. Her pale blonde hair is lovely and uncut. Her facial paint is very nice, with some fading to the end of her right eyebrow and pretty soft coral lips. She is missing the index finger of her right hand and the tips of the middle and ring finger are gone as well.  Not much nailpolish is remaining.  The bum markings are indented, as they should be for a 1965 doll. Both knees still click and hold a pose. A couple of chew mark dents on the top of her left knee. Both feet and ankles have some chew marks and her toes are all gone,although closed toe shoes would easily cover. She would make a great American Girl for display. $90.00

1966-67 blonde Francie head (fair) This is for either the 1966 bendable leg Francie doll or the 1967 TNT Francie doll, as she has rooted eyelashes.   The eyelashes look really good over the right eye, but there are several missing plugs over the left eye, although it still looks pretty good at a glance.  Both eyebrows are fading at each outside end. Her dark pink lips are perfect and unrubbed!  No remaining blush.  I see two small pricks marks right near the left earlobe, but none on the right side.  The right earlobe does have a pale faded spot right on the bottom of the lobe, though.  No neck splits.  Unfortunately Francie has received a hair cut at some point to more of a long layered shag.  It's longer at the back than at the sides. It's not a horrible haircut really, just certainly not original!   Her bangs are not cut.  You might want to re-root her, but even if you don't she'd make a very cute display if you have a body for her.  $14.00 

1967 brunette TNT Francie (good++) She has her original hot pink with vertical striped upper swimsuit (although she wasn't wearing it in the photo).   Her hair has been cut to just above shoulder-length and there's a piece on the left side of her head that is about chin length.  Her bangs have not been cut.   One earring hole at her left ear and two small ones at her right ear. No green.  Her facial skin tone is lightly faded on each side, but her face paint is pretty much perfect with unrubbed deep fuchsia lips.  Francie's eyelashes also look pretty good, although I do see a couple missing over the inside of her right eye. Nice, clean, pink TNT body. Her knees both bend and hold a pose tightly.  Unfortunately there is a gouge out of the bottom of her left foot, where it looks like it was bitten.  Put shoes or tights on her to easily cover.  She could be a cute display doll. $33.00 

1967 blonde Tutti (good) Missing one white shoe. She has her very good condition original dress with hot pink bodice and floral skirt, with pale yellow bow at waist, and one white shoe. Her hair is uncut and facial paint looks great. Unfortunately there are green marks on her lower left arm and thumb, probably due to the wire inside. (Sadly, this is not uncommon.) There is also a light green mark on her right cheek, and 2 pale spots on her forehead, another pale spot on her upper lip and the end of her nose.  Artist markers would correct these pale spots back to her regular pink skin tone. The green would have to be treated with Remove-Zit or Tarn-X, though. Her right shoulder doesn't bend any more, but both elbows and knees still do. Great display doll for the price. $20.00

1968 "Sun Kissed" blonde Talking Barbie (fair) She has her original hot pink knit cover-up, but is missing her bikini.   Her side ponytail has been retied with three elastics, as the original ones had disintegrated.  She is missing her pink hair ribbons.   Her hair is really nice - soft, lovely and uncut.  Her bangs and side-burns are nearly perfect.  Her eyelashes are long, straight and none are missing.  They look really good.  One earring hole per ear.  There is a bit of fading around each earring hole.  On the left side there is a light brownish stain right around the hole, but it's not obvious and her side-burn hair completely covers it.  Her facial paint is lovely with bright pink lips and nice light brown brows.  The biggest problem is that she is missing the end/tip of her nose above the nostrils.  She's just gorgeous otherwise.  No neck splits.  Her original TNT body had come apart at they often do, so she is on a very nice pink-toned TNT body.  No missing fingers or toes.  Her knees both bend and hold a pose fine.  Her feet and ankles are great and not chewed or split.   A truly gorgeous doll with the exception of the nose.  $25.00 ON HOLD

1968 brunette TNT Skipper (good) No original outfit. She is missing most of her eyelashes and the few she does have are either too short or too long  Her hair is thin, with quite a few missing plugs above her left ear and some above her right temple.  Her bangs look good and the hair that is not missing, is not cut.  Her facial paint looks very good with no visible rubs to her eyebrows, lips or blush.  No necks splits. No earring holes. Her knees both bend and hold a pose tightly. The bad news is that there are lots of pin prick marks on her legs, mostly on her right thigh and ankle, but some on the left leg as well. I think they might be chew marks as there is scraping on her hard plastic buttocks too. She is also missing some toes on her right foot and there is a hole through the soft vinyl on the outside of her right ankle.  Obviously she would look best displayed in an outfit with pants or tights!  The very tips of the fingers on her right hand are missing too. She's not as bad as this sounds and would display well in the right outfit.  This photo really does not do her justice. Harder to find doll and a good fixer-upper. $22.00 

1969 brunette flip TNT Barbie (fair) No original swimsuit.   Her hair has been trimmed at the bottom, but still falls to half-way down her neck, just above the shoulders.   It still curls up a bit at the bottom, just not as much curl there as there should be.  Her "spit curl" at the forehead has been cut off.  (too bad!)   Her rooted eyelashes look pretty good - a few of them are shorter than others, but none appear to be missing.   No earring holes, pin prick marks or green or gray staining.  Some rubs to the pink lower lip paint.   The vinyl of her nose is faded.  She still has visible blush on both cheeks.  No neck splits.  No missing fingers but no nail polish remaining.   Her knees both bend and hold a pose.   There are splits in the vinyl at the back of both of her knees. Lots of prick marks on the back of both ankles and some of the sides of her left ankle as well.  No missing toes or feet splits.   There are a few pale brownish marks here and there on her thighs, but they're not that noticeable.  This is not a great photo - she's still a cute doll and looks way better than this description makes her sound! $30.00

1969 blonde TNT P.J. head only (fair) - her hair has been retied into it's original side pigtails.  No seed-bead ponytail holders.  Her long hair is rather wavy, not rod straight as it should be. No missing hair plugs that I can see.  Her eyebrows are visible but faded on each end.  She has about 75-80% of her rooted eyelashes, but they are a bit curly, not straight like they should be.  A few prick marks by each earlobe.   She has pink lip-paint that is slightly rubbed at the bottom and top edge.  No neck splits.  This would be a fine head to use for display. $4.00 US

1969 blonde TNT P.J. head only (poor) - her hair has been retied into it's original side pigtails.  No seed-bead ponytail holders. A few missing hair plugs here and there.  Her bangs have been cut off.  She has about 85% of her original rooted eyelashes. left.  Her eyebrows are a bit faded.  A big neck split under her chin that will need repair.$1.00

1970 blonde Hair Fair Barbie (good)  She is on a pink skin-toned SL Midge/Barbie marked body. Her hair has not been cut and I don't see any missing plugs. No earring holes.   She has nice, dark, unrubbed eyebrows and pink lips which have some paint rub. She has centered eyes, as opposed to the side-glance eyes of the earlier Hair Fair heads.  No neck splits.  She has most of the eyelashes over her right eye and about 35% of them over her left eye but some are quite short and need to be pulled out a bit. The tip of her nose is a bit faded, as these dolls are prone to.  Her SL body is missing the pinky finger on each hand and also the index finger on the right hand as well.  Otherwise it's a good clean body with hardly any scratches.  No nail or toe polish. Includes one brunette wig that's kind of a "bubblecut" style.   This Hair Fair Barbie head with the centered eyes is harder to find. $38.00 

1970 brunette Talking Barbie (fair-good) - She has her original white lace beach cover-up with bright orange trim and collar, but is missing her bright orange vinyl bikini. No missing hair plugs or cut hair. She has all three original spit curls.  I have reset her hairstyle and re-tied her nape-of- neck ponytail.  She has bright orangey-red lip colour and dark brows. No rubs.  No earring holes and no splits. Missing about 80% of her original eyelashes. She has her original pull cord with pink plastic flower coming out of the hole in the back of her neck. She no longer talks, as usual. At some point many years ago, her legs fell off at the hips, as these dolls are prone to.  This was repaired by a bolt through the hips and is visible on each thigh now if she is naked.  Both knees bend and hold a pose fine. No missing fingers or toes.  A few small indent marks at the top of her right ankle.  Her right leg is a bit paler than her left leg.  (not sure why). She would make an excellent display doll. $32.00 

1970 strawberry-blonde Living Skipper (good++) She has her original hot pink, lime and blue swimsuit but the pink and lime tassels at the neck are gone and there's a split right up the middle of the blue center fabric that will need a repair.  Her side ponytails have been retied and her hair is uncut with no missing plugs that I can find.   Lots of curl, including her very cute forehead spit curl!  She is missing about 75% of her eyelashes. Her facial paint is good with pretty unrubbed coral lips.   There is one hole just below her right earlobe but it is just a surface dent and doesn't go all the way through.  No holes at her left ear.  No green and no splits.  Her body is in good shape with the exception of her left calf, which has a split right through it horizontally and will  need a repair/glue.  No chews, pricks or splits in her ankles or feet.  No missing toes.  Her knees both click and hold a pose well.  Her elbow don't hold a bent position any longer.  There is a small, round melt mark hole on the back of her neck. It looks like something pointed was resting against that spot on her neck for too many years maybe.  The hole doesn't go right through the plastic, but it indents into it.  But how often would someone be looking at the back of her neck anyway I guess?   It would not show on display.  She's not as bad as she sounds, just needs a glue repair on her calf and a sew repair on her swimsuit.  Possibly a re-root to her eyelashes as well. $22.00 

1970 strawberry-blonde Living Skipper (good++).  No original outfit or hair ribbons.  She is missing several hair-plugs here and there around and under her hair.  Most noticeably, there are about 7 plugs missing at the front of her forehead but her hair combs over and can hide this for display.  Skipper's hair is no longer styled into it's original two side pigtails, but could be restyled back without much trouble.  She is also missing all her eyelashes.  Her facial paint is in wonderful condition with no rubs and pretty coral lips.  One earring hole per ear has been added at some point many years ago.  No green and no splits. Her body is in good condition.  Both knees still click and hold a pose, but neither elbow still holds the bent arm pose.   No chews, splits or prick mark $20.00 

1970 strawberry-blonde Living Skipper head only (poor) - Hair cut quite short at bang area around forehead.  Otherwise her hair is pretty good with good curl and still parted all the way down to the back of her head. There are about 6 hair-plugs missing underneath the hair on the left side. She is also missing about 90% of her eyelashes.  Skipper's facial paint is still quite nice.  No earring holes and no neck splits.  She could use a partial re-root.  $3.00 

1970 brunette Talking Barbie head only (poor-fair) - Retied nape of neck ponytail.  Cute forehead spit curl, and left side one, but right side spit curl is missing.  Lots of lower curl to her hair.  It is a bit thin, but I don't see any obvious missing hair plugs.   She has about 80% or more of her rooted eyelashes left and they are nice and long. Nice bright blush, shiny, glossy coral lips and dark brows. No earring holes.  Her head is the harder vinyl, not soft and squish-able.  She has a neck split under her chin. $3.00 

1971 Malibu Barbie (fair to good) - No original swimsuit or towel.  She has some cut hair and is missing many hair-plugs around the bottom edge.  She would look better with at least a partial re-root.  There are two pin prick marks at her left ear and one at her right ear.  Her lip and teeth paint is rubbed and faded. Her lips are a pale yellowy-beige color.  No neck splits and no green or other stains. Barbie's  tanned TNT body is in good shape except there are a few chew indents to the vinyl on the outside edge of each ankle and foot.  Her knees both bend and click fine. No missing fingers or toes. Nice, clean doll overall.  She would make a good display doll. $12.00 

1971 Live Action Ken (fair to good) Ken is missing his brown "suede" fringed vest and brown loafers. He has his played with but good condition colorful open-chested shirt and orange satin pants. There are some rubs/shiny spots on the fabric on the bum of the pants.  He also has some rubs to the brown paint of his hair here and there and one rub to the paint of his left eyebrow.  There is a small square chip missing in the plastic at the front, center of his neck at the edge where it meets the head.  His knees both still click and hold a pose.  He is missing all the toes on his right foot.  There are chew marks on both feet and ankles.  He also has some surface dirt from long storage.  He's a fixer-upper! $14.00 

1971 Malibu Ken (fair) He is wearing his original orange swim trunks, but they have a few marks on them.  I have not tried to clean so it might come out easily, I'm not sure.  There are some small paint rubs here and there in his hair paint.   Also his left eyebrow has a small rubbed spot near the middle.  Ken's knees both click and hold a pose tightly.  His body is fairly clean.  The big problem is that his shoulders and hips seem to be fused and the arms and legs no longer swivel.  There are melt marks on the plastic around his hips, which makes me wonder if he was left in a hot place for too long over the years.   He still will display fine, but it might be difficult to pose him in a position other than standing up, with the right arm slightly extended as if he was about to shake another doll's hand. $10.00 

1971 Malibu Skipper (good ++) She is nude. A few tiny pale greenish spots on her head, one dot on the left side of her forehead (covered by hair) and 6 or 7 small spots above her right ear (also covered by her hair). Her facial paint is in great shape and her lips are pretty coral and unfaded. Her hair is uncut and also in very good condition. Her body is also in very good condition with no prick marks or tears and her feet and ankles have no splits. Her knees both bend and hold a pose fine. There is a small hole in the vinyl on the back and just below her right knee. I have no idea what this might be from! That is her only body flaw. She's a cutie! $12.00 

1972 Busy Ken (good+) Missing most of his original outfit, except his orange knit sleeveless top and white tennis shoes, but redressed in a red tracksuit. He is missing his right hand, but the left is there and still holds things fine. His face and hair paint are still in great shape. His knees both bend and hold a pose still. He was not played with much. He just needs a hand! $15.00 

1974 Malibu Ken (fair) He has his original lime green swim trunks (in played with condition, a few seams are loose) but is missing his towel.  This photo was taken wearing different clothing but he does come in his green trunks! His tanned legs have faded to a grayish color over the years. Unfortunately his neck knob inside is broken, however his head is being held on by a plastic tube on the inside. It's a bit wobbly but it holds fine for display.  Very good facial and hair paint. He would be a good display/clothes model doll. . $6.50. 


1974-1976 Malibu or Gold Medal tanned TNT body for Barbie or friend (good). Missing head. The left arm and left leg have come off (as often happens with these dolls) but both are included and could hopefully be repaired back on. Bum marked "Made in Taiwan". Other than the arm and leg off, this body is near mint and came from a doll that had barely been played with at all. $7.00 

1974-1976 Malibu or Gold Medal tanned TNT body for Barbie or friend (poor). Missing head. Bum marked "Made in Korea". Chew marks. Right boob dented in. Chew mark dents in bum and on thighs. No missing fingers or toes.  Feet, toes, ankles and calves are not chewed and in great shape. No body part has escaped having at least a few chew marks though.  Can anyone use this?  $0.50 

1975 Growin' Up Skipper head only. (very good).  Her hair is in good condition and not cut with no missing plugs. No facial paint rubs.  No earring holes or neck splits.  $4.00 ON HOLD

1976 blonde Tutti (fair) No original outfit.  This is the Canadian market mid-1970's Tutti with the smaller, firmer head and the bodies are not easy to bend or pose. These dolls were never sold in the U.S.. (see page 154 of "Skipper Barbie Doll's Little Sister Identification and Value Guide" by Scott Arend, Karla Holzerland and Trina Kent.) She is marked on her lower back 1965 / MATTEL INC. / HONG KONG. Tutti has long blonde hair to her bum.  Her bangs stick up and out from her head, so could use re-setting.  Neither her elbows or her knees will still bend or pose.  There is a small hole out of the vinyl where her head meets her body's neck, in the head part. The head still stays on fine though.  There are chew marks on both ankles and feet., but no missing fingers or toes and no splits.  She's still really cute even with her few flaws. Harder to find. $16.00 

1977 Donny Osmond doll (very good). No original outfit. He is wearing a nice gray with orange trim hand-made sweater at the moment. Clean doll with good facial and hair paint. Knees both bend and hold a pose. Donny's head is a little loose when it swivels, but not too bad. $7.50 

1987 Rocker Dee-Dee head only - Very curly black hair, a wee bit matted as this type of hair tends to be. This is an African-American head that uses the first Hispanic Barbie head mold. Good facial paint, but not garish eye-shadow and make-up like the other set of Rocker dolls.  Pretty. Very little wrong with this head. $0.75 

For payment information please click on "contact" below.   Shipping is extra, about $9.00 expedited surface for a doll and $3.00 an outfit. Obviously buying more than one item will save on shipping costs, though. Any questions, just let me know! Layaways/payment plans may be considered.

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