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Vintage Clothing

(The number after the date is the Mattel stock number.)


1961 #0770 Campus Hero - missing yellow "U" from front of sweater, red socks and "State" pennant on a stick.   Includes good condition red, light gray, dark gray and cream striped knit sweater, white slacks and white loafers. $15.00
1961 #0785 Dreamboat - replacement straw hat with no hatband, and missing socks . Otherwise complete and in good condition. $22.00
1961 #0783 Sport Shorts - missing one long olive sock only. A bit of loose threads at the leg openings of the yellow shorts. Great condition olive patterned short-sleeved button up shirt with 3 buttons. Played with but gently. $14.00
1961 #0783 Sport Shorts - missing one long olive sock only. One brown loafer has a split in one side but it still will stay on Ken fine. Very good condition and played with only gently. $12.00
1961 #0784 Terry Togs - pale blue bathrobe only. No waist tie. Played with condition. There are 2 blue marks on the lower right front and a bit of dinginess here and there.  I have not tried to wash it, so these might come out with soap.  $1.00
1961 #0787 Tuxedo - white dress shirt and black jacket with satin lapels only. Single button closure missing from jacket. All buttons still on tuxedo shirt. Played with condition and a bit wrinkled. $8.00
1961 #0787 Tuxedo - missing corsage for Barbie doll and bowtie, 2 small holes in shirt, but not too noticeable when Ken is dressed up. $26.00
1961 #0787 Tuxedo - missing corsage for Barbie doll and bowtie, otherwise very nice condition! $38.00

1962 #0788 Rally Day - nice condition jacket and red cap only (missing car keys on key-chain and road map) $10.00
1962 #0790 Time For Tennis - missing "Tennis Rules" book and 1 arm from the sunglasses. Everything else is included and in good condition. Tennis racquet and 2 tennis balls also in excellent condition. $25.00
1962 #0790 Time For Tennis - shorts only, in good shape. $1.50
1962 #0789 The Yachtsman (cap-less version) - missing red & white striped T-shirt, white socks, black shoes & "How to Sail a Boat" book. Includes good condition light blue denim pants & matching denim jacket that could use a washing and has a small tear at the lower front where zipper was removed. $6.00
1962 Pak - Polo Shirt - red short-sleeved shirt, small repairs visible on both shoulder seams. Button thread loop is broken. $1.00
1962 Pak - Polo Shirt - mustard yellow, good condition. $3.00
1962 Pak - Shirt and Tie - missing red tie.  Very good condition white dress shirt with 3 buttons and a front left pocket.  Played with but still in great shape. Could use a quick wash to brighten up the white.  $7.00
1962 Pak - Short-Sleeved Shirt - red cotton shirt with 3 buttons up the front. Very good condition. $4.00

1963 #0795 Graduation - missing diploma only. Good condition black robe and black felt "mortarboard" hat with black tassel. $10.00
1963 #0798 Ski Champion - missing one black mitt, green sunglasses and both skis and poles. Includes nice condition red jacket, black stirrup pants, black touque, black ski boots and one hard to find black glove. $25.00
1963 #0798 Ski Champion - missing red jacket, black mitts, green sunglasses and ski poles. Includes very good condition black stirrup pants, black ski boots and brown skis. $13.00
1963 Pak - Hunting Shirt - missing black boots, red hunting cap and rifle.  Very good condition red plaid long-sleeved shirt only with 3 buttons up the front. $4.00
1963 Pak - Hunting Shirt - missing red hunting cap and rifle.  Very good condition red plaid shirt and black boots.  No missing buttons and clean.  $9.00
1963 Pak - Snorkel Gear - complete, but missing string from swimming mask. Played with condition but still very good. $12.00

1964 #0779 American Airlines Captain - missing white button-up shirt, navy tie, one black sock, and Flight Log. Includes jacket, slacks, black shoes, one black sock, navy cap. Three snaps have been added to the jacket to close it, persumably by the original owner or her mother. All 3 navy buttons are still on the jacket. Played with but only gently. Very good. $30.00
1964 #0782 Casuals - missing striped t-shirt, brown loafters, and car keys. Includes very good condition tan slacks, striped sock, and red cap. $8.00
1964 #1409 Going Huntin' - missing rifle and red socks $19.00
1964 #1405 Roller Skate Date - missing orange hat with green pompom and brown roller skates.  Includes very good condition orange, green and white diamond patterned V-neck sweater. $4.50
1964 #0782 Sleeper Set - blue and white striped pajama top only. The original owner decided that she wanted it short-sleeved, so the sleeves have been cut off to short sleeves (neatly). $1.00
1964 #1411 Victory Dance - missing navy jacket, white slacks and red tie.  "Ken" label has gone missing from the inside of the red corduroy vest and.the upper "gold" button is missing, but the lower 2 buttons are still there. The white long sleeved dress shirt is a bit dingy with age and there is a brownish stain at the back of the right sleeve cuff.  Played with condition but still pretty good. Harder to find. $20.00

1970 Bendable Leg Ken original outfit- good condition multi-colored swim trunks (colors are a bit faded) but is missing the open-fronted ochre yellow T-shirt. $2.00

1971 Live Action Ken original pants - Played with condition. Orange satin pants have been re-sewn in front seam. Fine for display. $1.00
1971 #1496 The Night Scene - burgundy socks and black shoes only. Good condition. $5.00
1971 #1496 The Night Scene - burgundy socks only. Good condition.  $1.00
1971 #1439 The Suede Scene - missing gold socks only.  Includes brown "suede" (actually a heavier duty suedecloth) long vest with matching belt and buckle and 3 brown buttons up the front, matching "suede" pants with zipper fly, burgundy satin printed shirt and brown loafers.  Played with condition.  A few pinkish marks on the pants that might come out with washing and some darker brown marks on the back of the vest.  The shirt and shoes are in very good condition. A very neat outfit! $20.00  
1971 Pak - Shoe Ins - complete. No packaging, but includes excellent condition yellow flippers, brown cowboy boots, white vinyl sandals, black, brown and white loafers. $25.00 
1971 Pak - Sun Fun - bright orange T-shirt with pink swirly pattern.   Good condition.  Missing brown sandals, camera and green sunglasses. Played with condition but still very good. $9.00

1972 #3377 Wide Awake Stripes - good condition blue brushed cotton robe with collar and cuffs of blue, red, white and navy striped cotton. Also has the blue waist tie and 1 white vinyl sandal. Missing the striped pajama bottoms, 1 white sandal and gray plastic shaver. $10.00

1973 Mod Hair Ken original outfit -  Includes brown & white checked jacket, tan slacks with elastic at waist, white turtleneck dickie and brown loafers.  Played with condition but still in good shape.  The white of the dickie could use a brightening.  All snaps still present and working. $12.00

1974 #7763 Ken Best Buy - red, navy and gold checked jacket with navy "suede" collar and pocket detailing.  Playing with condition.  Missing navy pants and white dickie. $3.00

1975 #7475 Ken Doll's 2 gold Medal Outfits - Canada - tan plastic hockey stick only. $2.00

1978 #2211 SuperStar Ken original outfit. Missing belt, watch, ID bracelet, ring and shoes. Includes very good condition navy jumpsuit with red dickie, and red sunglasses with gold painted edges (gold paint is rubbing off.). $6.00

1988 California Dream Ken Fashion (mint). Mint green and white vertical striped shorts, white cotton T-shirt with California decal on the front, short-sleeved mint colored shirt with white palm tress and squares all over it, white tennis shoes, blue plastic sunglasses, camera, Frisbee and visor. Never played with. $5.00


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