All Dolled Up

Vintage Clothing

(The number after the date is the Mattel stock number.)


1966 #1251 It's A Date - missing white lace hose, blue soft pointy toed heels and long pale green ribbon from front of dress.  Dress is in played with condition but still quite good shape.  There is a seam that has come loose at the side of the waist below the left arm, and needs to be re-sewn.  The colors are still nice and bright. $12.00
1966 #1255 Polka Dots 'n Raindrops - missing red boots and red polka dot scarf with yellow tie. Raincoat is missing it's "Francie" tag and yellow lining has been removed. (not sure why the previous owner would do this?)  Otherwise very good condition red with white polka dotted raincoat. $10.00

1967 #1273 Side-Kick! - missing red soft heels only. The ribbon on the hat has faded over the years.  No missing buttons on dress.  One faint pale brownish spot on upper middle back of dress, that you have to look for to see.  I have not tried to clean it, so it may come right out. $25.00 
1967 #1271 Slumber Number - missing yellow felt night mask and slippers.  Includes played with condition pale yellow with pink lace trim short nighty and panties.  The pale pink  ribbon at the shoulders is a bit frayed looking but not too bad. $13.00

1968 Pak - Get Readies - missing floral bra and pink shoes.  Includes good condition floral panties, slip, petticoat and scale with hot pink fuzzy "fur" on top.  $16.00
1968 #1210 Hill-Riders - missing striped pants and green low boots. Includes good condition lime green knit sweater. I see only1 loose thread on the left shoulder, otherwise in great shape. $8.00
1968 #1212 Night Blooms - Missing the pink sheer robe and pink slippers. Played with but still very good condition floral nightgown only.  $8.00

1970 #1237 Satin Happenin' - missing hot pink satin strapless jumpsuit and hot pink shoes.  Includes good condition white lace with hot pink satin trim top.  There is a bow in the front middle of the collar and the top closes with a single snap at the top of the back opening.  It is nice and clean and gently played with. $8.00
1970 #1238 Snappy Snoozers - missing white felt slippers with pinks bows on top, only. Includes hot pink nylon one-piece sleeveless "shorts" pajamas with ruffles at the leg hems and matching hot pink nylon sheer robe with stripes of hot pink ruffles and a tie at the neck.  The "Francie" label is still inside the pajama.   The robe is still fairly bright and clean but the pajama could use a quick wash to brighten up the hot pink, as it's a bit dingy from storage.  $16.00

1971 #3455 Frosty Fur - missing either white low hard heels or white rain boots. Long white furry coat with white "pleather" sleeves and trim is in played with but very good condition. $12.00


PRICES CAN BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE (but not if you already have it on hold)!
For payment information please click on "contact" below.   Shipping is extra, about $10.00 expedited surface for a doll and $3.00 an outfit or small item in a padded bubble envelope. Obviously buying more than one item will save on shipping costs, though. Any questions, just let me know! Layaways/payment plans may be considered.

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