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Vintage Mod Era Clothing

(The number after the date is the Mattel stock number.)


Mod Era Fashions:

1969 #1865 Glo-Go - missing either red closed-toe heels or raspberry chunky shoes.  The metallic top part of the dress and the belt have silvered (although I think it still looks good like that).   The skirt is a bit crumply and could use a steaming to smooth out, although I have been trying to flatten it out.   Some fraying at the back of the skirt below the split. It's better than it sounds. Played with condition.  It can easily still be very cute for display!  $15.00
1969 #1751 Leather Weather (for Julia) - missing red leather-look purse, one red chunky heel and 1 "gold" button off jacket.   Includes great condition bright pink sleeveless shell top,  textured plaid short skirt (one pull visible in one of the brown threads), red leather-look coat with 5 "gold buttons" (one is missing as stated) and one red chunky heel.  Played with but still in very good shape. $30.00
1969 #1479 Leisure Leopard - complete.  Includes leopard print hostess pajamas with a yellow front panel and yellow OT heels.  The bottom of the dress is supposed to be sewn closed in the middle, with foot openings to either side.  I guess whoever owned this as a child thought that was odd (it *is* odd actually!) so they opened the middle seam.  So  it's now more of a dress, but it would be easy to sew the seam back in, as it's a small one.  The outfit is not damaged.  $26.00
1969 #1869 Midi-Magic - missing black hose and black soft bow shoes.  Played with condition black and white dress is missing the bottom flounce ruffle of the sheer organza overskirt for some reason.  It must have been cut off.  The white short-sleeved bodice is a bit dingy, could use to be brightened a bit.  $12.00
1969 #1866 Movie Groovie - missing hot pink stockings and bow shoes. Includes hot pink and silver top and pink satin A-line short skirt. The silver lame in the top has a run on the front right side, otherwise both are in very good condition. $12.00
1969 #1596 Pink Premiere Gift Set - J.C. Penney exclusive.  Pink satin handbag with "gold" top trim and gold chain strap only.  Some "gold" paint flaked off of the little "button" closure, otherwise this purse is in excellent condition.  This handbag could also be found with 1970's "All The Trimmings" accessory Pak.  Quite hard to find. $14.00
1969 #1885 Silver Sparkle - missing clear T-strap shoes only. A bit of fraying visible at neck.  Played with condition. $10.00
1969 Talking P.J. original outfit - missing pink chunky heels and pink panties. Mint condition pink with orange and hot pink flowers mini dress. $5.00 ON HOLD

1970 #1786 Bright 'n Brocade - complete.  Includes pink, gold and emerald lame wrap long sleeve blouse, hot pink sheer pants with brocade ankle trim and pink bow heels.  There are a couple of dirt spots on the sheer pink pants, which I have not tried to wash.  You could delicately wash them and I suspect it would come out cleanly, as this fabric doesn't really hold dirt or stains very well.  Played with but only gently. $45.00 
1970 #1453 Flower Wower - missing green chunky shoes. Includes floral print dress, colours are a bit faded, presumably from being washed. The flower rosette at th bottom of the v-neck is missing. Snaps are intact but a bit loose. Played with condition but still good. $5.00
1970 #1458 Gypsy Spirit - missing blue "suede" vest and either hot pink or blue shoes.  Includes good condition pink body blouse with gold braid trim and blue "suede" skirt with gold braid and pink and lime green yarn trim.  Played with condition but still very good. $17.00
1970 #1784 Harem-m-m's - complete.  Includes orange harem pants jumpsuit with gold and silver-tone woven tie belt.  The right cuff has an open seam which needs a small repair. $18.00
1970 #1454 Loop Scoop - complete.  Dress is nice and bright.  Played with only very gently.  Very good condition! $27.00
1970 #1454 Loop Scoop - missing yellow pilgrim shoes.  Played with condition.  A bit of fraying at armholes.  The yellow top is a bit faded.  $14.00
1970 #1463 Lovely Sleep-Ins - missing pink nylon robe with floral pattern and slippers.  Includes played with condition pink nylon nightgown.  One shoulder strap has come unattached on one side, so will need a quick stitch.  There is a tear on the left side of the sheer bodice.  $2.50
1970 #1463 Lovely Sleep-Ins - missing pink nylon robe with floral pattern and slippers.  Includes played with condition pink nylon nightgown.  There is a tear on the front left side of the sheer bodice. I guess this fabric is prone to tearing.  $3.00
1970 #1452 Now Knit - missing blue pilgrim shoes and blue scarf. Includes good condition lime and navy knit dress with wide silver attached belt, and lime plush hat. One small brown spot on front of dress just below belt (not very noticable). The thin part of the belt that tucks into the buckle is missing its silver, but the rest of the belt is fine. Played with but gently, so still in very nice condition. Harder to find. $20.00
1970 Living Barbie original outfit - orange mesh hooded cover-up with gold edging only.  Excellent condition. $5.00

1971 #3403 Baby Doll Pinks - missing pink fuzzy slippers with pink nylon bows.  Both shoulder straps need reattaching on one side. Played with condition.  Bright and clean.  $3.50
1971 #3401 Fringe Benefits - missing orange "suede" tall fringed boots and matching belt.  Includes played with condition hot pink dress with orange "suede collar. A bit dingy - could use a washing to brighten.  $5.00
1971 #3412 Fun Flakes - complete. Includes white with hot pink snowflake pattern short-sleeved jacket, matching pants, cerise sleeveless shell top, and cerise pilgrim shoes. Three "gold" buttons missing from the jacket, although one is still intact. Played with but still in very good condition. $25.00
1971 #3407 Midi Mood - missing yellow pilgrim shoes.  Very good condition.  Where the left arm of the yellow blouse meets the bodice, the seam is open in the armpit area and will need a quick repair (as I've noticed this blouse is prone to!). All 3 buttons are still there. Otherwise the blouse and blue with floral patterned cotton skirt are nice and bright and clean.  Played with but only gently.  $21.00
1971 #3407 Midi Mood - missing yellow pilgrim shoes. Played with condition.  At some point the original owner saw fit to remove both cuffs from the sleeves of the blouse and also trim back the lower hem on the skirt.  All 3 buttons are still on the yellow blouse.  So this one will need some fixing up.  $8.00 
1971 #3409 Red For Rain - missing red cotton rain bonnet with ties only. Includes very good condition red cotton trench coat with attached belt and buckle and white soft vinyl rain boots.  $19.00
1971 #3408 Super Scarf - complete. Played with condition but still very good and bright.  Two dark colored dots on one of the boots.  The skirt still has it's two "gold buttons" and chain.  Hard to find outfit. $35.00
1971 #3408 Super Scarf - missing red knit sweater and red soft vinyl boots.  The skirt has the two "gold buttons" but is missing the attached chain.  Otherwise both skirt and long red fringed scarf are in very good condition. Hard to find. $13.00
1971 Live Action Barbie original outfit - missing brown headband, one bracelet, and both fringe attachments from bracelets. Includes very good condtion nylon top and pants, one brown plastic snake bracelet, and brown flat shoes. $15.00
1971 Live Action P.J. original outfit - just the orange stretchy sleeveless short dress only.  No attached sheer sleeves, nylons or gold lame boots any more.  The mini-dress is in good condition.  $1.00

1972 #3354 Glowin' Gold - missing gold pants. Includes baby blue sleeveless top. One button missing from top, and colour is faded. Played with condition $2.00
1972 #3351 Good Sports - missing red sunglasses only. Includes excellent condition jeans, red sleeveless shell top, purple floral scarf, brown belt, and white tennis shoes. Harder to find. $30.00

PRICES CAN BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE (but not if you already have it on hold)!
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