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(The number after the date is the Mattel stock number.)


1970's Post -Mod Era Fashions:

1973 #7700 Get-Ups 'n Go - Barbie Doctor's wardrobe - light blue surgical mask only. Good condition. Harder to find. $1.50
1973 #7700 Get-Ups 'n Go - Barbie Doctor's wardrobe - missing white lab coat, blue surgical smock, head mirror, skeletal chart and diploma.  Includes played with but still very good condition blue surgical mask, matching blue head covering, blue terry towel, white square toe shoes, plastic stethoscope and blue princess phone.  The phone is missing the dial.  $15.00
1973 Quick Curl Barbie original outfit - pink and white gingham checked dress only. No shoes or quick curl accessories. Played with but still in good condition. Could use a gentle washing to brighten up. Both snaps in the back are still in good shape. $7.00 
1973 Quick Curl Barbie original outfit - pink and white gingham checked dress only. No shoes or quick curl accessories. 1/2 of the top back snap needs to be reattached back onto the other side. Good condition otherwise. $5.00

1974 Get-Ups 'n Go - Tennis - red with white polka dots tennis bag and racquet.  Very played with condition.  "Handle" of racquet broken off.  The outside pocket of the bag where the racquet goes is frayed along one side and could use a repair.  $1.00
1974 Sweet 16 Barbie original outfit - Includes pink with white polka dots dress, denim "cut off" shorts, yellow ribbed tank top with "Sweet 16" red logo on the front and pink plastic make-up case.  The dress is a bit dingy - it could use a brightening.   Otherwise all pieces are in played with but very good shape.  The dress has the snaps intact and the front white string bow. $15.00
1974 Sweet 16 Barbie original outfit - pink with white polka dots dress only. The snap is missing at the back, so it will need a new one put on.  Pretty clean overall.  Played with condition but not roughly.  $4.00

1975 #3356 Best Buy - aqua blue short dress with V-hem at front and back.  Gold trim at hem, gold collar and gold belt.  Missing aqua blue long skirt that comes with it.  Belt is a bit worn at the ends and twisted.  Played with condition. $3.00
1975 Hawaiian Barbie original outfit - Includes long floral wrap skirt and brown plastic ukulele only.   Very good condition.  Ukulele is rather hard to find. $12.00

1976-77 Cher doll's original outfit - by Mego. Floor length sleeveless pink dress and chunky matching open-toe heels. Played with condition.  The dress has a few dirt marks here and there on it and could use a cleaning, which I have not tried to do.  The snap at the back of the neck is still there. No tears. The pink heels are harder to find.  $14.00
1976-77 Cher doll's "Hoedown" outfit - by Mego. Missing dark navy blue short jacket.  The overalls have a few dirt marks on the white part, so they could use a soaking/washing. The "silver" metal buckles on the shoulder straps still are in great, shiny, condition.  Includes the white chunky platform shoes as well.  Played with but still very good. $20.00
1976-77 Cher doll's "Peasant Lady" - by Mego. Missing blue ribbon belt only.  Includes very good condition blue, green, black and white vertical striped off the shoulder long sleeved peasant blouse, matching hair kerchief, satin blue flared bell-bottom pants (with big bells!) and white chunky platform shoes. Played with but in very good condition.  Nice and clean and bright. $30.00

1977 SuperStar Barbie original outfit - hot pink long sleeveless gown only.  Played with condition. There's a tear down the back center seam below the snap that will need a repair. The snap is still there.  Very small hole in the fabric by the left breast area. Could use a light washing as well. $2.00

1979 Wedding Belle -off-white lace bridal gown with leg-o-mutton sleeves and high collar (like the Beautiful Bride Barbie dress) only.   Has yellowed a bit and is now an overall creamy color.  I have not tried to wash it though, so it may freshen up to more of an off-white as it should be.  Good condition other than the discoloring. $12.00
1979 #2773 Best Buy Fashions (a.k.a. School Dance) - This outfit seems like it might have been an European and Canadian exclusive from what I can find out. Sleeveless white dress with small red vertical rectangle pattern and red ribbon trim along the top with red ribbon to tie around the back of the doll's neck to fasten. Elastic waist. Pointed hem at front and rear. No shoes, just the dress. Pictured on page 201 of Stefanie Deutsch's book "Barbie: The First 30 Years" . Harder to find. Very good condition $4.00. Played with and fair condition with white ties at neck instead of red $2.00.

1979 Pretty Changes Barbie original outfit - Includes yellow satin sleeveless jumpsuit and sheer lacey yellow and white overskirt/cape only.  Played with condition.  The pants have a couple of marks on the back and there is a repair by the bottom left leg seam.  The overskirt has one small black mark on the lace.  I have not tried to clean either piece though, so this all might be removable.  $6.00

1980's to Current Fashions:

1980 Beauty Secrets Barbie original outfit - Includes hot pink long skirt with back slit,  pink with lace trim bodysuit with neck ties and pink sheer ruffled jacket with big shawl collar. All of these have some silver topstitching at the edges. Played with condition but still very good and clean. $8.00

1981 Western Barbie original outfit - White satin jumpsuit with black and silver braid trim and silver collar and sleeve cuffs.  Excellent condition - clean and barely played with (if at all).  $9.00

1986 Dream Glow Barbie original outfit. - dress only with hot pink "velvet" strapless bodice with silver lace trim over pale pink full length underskirt and shear overskirt with 3 silver lace vertical bands and small glow-in-the-dark stars all over it! Played with but still in very good condition. $2.00
1986 Music Lovin' Barbie original outfit. Includes bright yellow knit cardigan jacket with white trim and white vertical bands, matching legwarmers and white running shoes. Missing is the yellow bodysuit and walkman. $3.00
1986 Barbie and the Rockers Dana original outfit - lime green stretch pants with fuchsia/silver stars and orange neon tank-top with gold stars and pink "ROCKERS" logo across the front only.  Only the 2 pieces of the outfit.  Very good condition. $5.00

1990 Barbie bedtime fashion (mint). White lace lower-thigh length leggings, baby blue T-shirt with pink squares and a white heart decal on the front, pink hand-held mirror and blue plastic teddy bear. Never played with. $3.00
1990 Barbie lingerie - yellow with white polka dot and white lace trim bra and panties. Bra has pink ribbon bow in the middle. $3.00
1990 Barbie lingerie - pink hip length slip with white lace trim and pink shoulder straps. $2.00
1990 Barbie lingerie - pale mint green with white leafy pattern bra and matching shorts set. Includes mint green plastic purse with pale pink string strap. $2.00
1990 Barbie lingerie - two camisoles, one white with pink ribbon bow decal at top of bodice, one pale blue with a bit darker blue lace trim down front and at edging. Both have velcro closures at back. $2.00

1990 "Western Fun" Barbie original outfit - Played with but still quite good condition.  Pink felt wide brim hat with hatband, yellow cowboy boots, pink "suede" jacket with long fringed collar, pink, blue, yellow and purple pattern short full skirt and blue short tank top. $4.00

2001 Barbie Fashion Model Collection - Country Bound Barbie Fashion Gift-set (NRFP) - Silkstone fashion. Mint condition, excellent box. $35.00

2004 Barbie Fashion Model Collection - New England Escape Barbie and Ken  Fashion Gift-set (NRFP) - Silkstone fashions. Mint condition, excellent box. $40.00

2005 Barbie Fashion Model Collection - New York Yorkie Barbie Accessory Pack (NRFP) - Silkstone fashion. Mint condition, excellent box. $30.00

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